Better odds

Gonzo Strategy
Or, how to get 5-1 odds on a 2-1 horse

All strategy is now tactics. The companies who are succeeding in today’s markets are the ones who react quickly to changes in demand: Think of IKEA’s mass production of design classics, Lidl and Trader Joe’s fast turnover of SKUs or Nike’s furious innovation cycle. We believe in helping companies make small bets more intelligently. Some of those bets will pay off. Some pay off big. That’s the advantage of aiming to be frequently brilliant rather than consistently wrong.

Gonzo strategy moves fast. It gets everybody involved. It creates epiphanies: moments when everybody sees what’s wrong with the current picture. And critically, it validates its arguments. If you’re going to make a big leap, it’s important to land in the right place.

Gonzo strategy can include

Scenario planning. Let’s not just test ideas against current metrics. Let’s wind-tunnel them through possible versions of the future.

Stealing from the best. What’s a smarter industry than yours? What can we steal from companies who’ve done what we want to do?

Data games We game-ify data to bring it to life for your team, helping them to draw their own conclusions

Focusing the front end. It’s easy to have a load of ideas. How do you choose which one to commit time and money to? Innovators often talk about the fuzzy front end. We think that data can help focus it.

Sizing a market that doesn’t exist. You have a radical idea that meets a new consumer need. How do you size the market for that? Thanks to the power of cloud computing, sophisticated data models can do that for you.

Recent examples

We interviewed the customers of a business to business company who told us that they loved meeting this company’s salespeople – because of the free advice they got. We advised them to turn that advice into consultancy. The CEO invested £2m in 2013. In 2016 their consultancy business creates £200m a year– 4% of gross revenue.

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