Link between CEO and R&D

Visionary Data
The missing link between
R&D and the CEO.

CEOs are from Mars. Designers are from Venus. Designers are great at coming up with radical ideas, but often struggle to make a business case for them. How do you size a market that doesn’t exist?

The gonzo approach to data takes what you already have, re-tumbles it and mashes it up with external data. Do it enough ways, with enough data, and suddenly a clear solution stares you in the face.

This can help you 

Re-think the way consumers make choices, and help you to build a product portfolio around them

Group countries into strategic clusters where the same marketing will work

Understand where to focus your innovation efforts. 

Size markets that don’t exist yet.

Recent examples

Using data to group cleaning products into strategic clusters, we discovered that the world divided into two distinct markets. We then overlaid third party data over them, and discovered that the division was caused by the incidence of maids and cleaners in households.

For a breakfast cereal company, we looked into their data to understand the differences between sales in different European markets. When we mapped over other Nielsen data, we discovered that lower sales were strongly linked to UHT milk. No wonder people hated cereal in Slovakia! The marketing strategy in those countries switched to the promotion of better milk.

Defined a market for dehumidifying products by simply overlaying the size of the middle class in a country with its average of humidity. Who has stuff worth protecting? Where does that stuff get damaged by humidity?

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