One-eyed ethnography
Why settle for insights when you can have epiphanies?

One-eyed ethnography aims to immerse you quickly in experiences that will change your mind about the world. We call those moments, epiphanies. You won’t get them talking to your current customers. They won’t tell you anything you don’t know.

Epiphanies happen when you do something new. Explore cutting-edge experiences in a sector that’s more innovative than your own. Make a VR film of consumers’ homes or small stores in Lagos or Sao Paulo, so your whole team can be immersed in another world. How does an astronaut or an extreme athlete view your product?

We have a range of novel ways to get fast, fresh insights into people’s daily lives, anywhere on the globe.

 Fitting Go-Pros or other hidden cameras onto consumers while they shop, cook, clean or work.

Conducting interviews over Skype that are filmed by local videographers, creating documentary-quality films

‘Style safaris’ in cutting-edge cities (London, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, San Francisco) led by top bloggers and sector experts

Immersive VR films that bring you right into consumers’ homes and shopping experiences

Buying an entire living room or store and shipping it back to your HQ

Why spend a hundred thousand pounds on ethnography that results in a deck that – let’s be honest – nobody ever reads? Why not create an experience that will lead your organisation to an epiphany?

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